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Dubai Chamber of Industry and Commerce

Dubai Chamber of Industry and Commerce

The services that the Dubai Chamber offers to businesspeople are listed below:

Duty- and tax-free import: ATA Carnet:
An international customs document known as an ATA Carnet allows for the temporary entry of goods with no duty or tax for a period of up to one year.

The items that are covered by ATA Carnets range from professional gear and commercial samples to goods that will be used at trade shows, exhibitions, and events. Items that would normally be covered by this customer document include computers, photographic and film equipment, industrial machinery, aircraft, cars, jewelry, apparel, and medical appliances. Consumables and perishables are not covered.

By reducing customs fees, streamlining border crossings, and minimizing red tape by allowing importers and exporters to utilize a single document for all customs processes, ATA Carnets lower expenses for exporters. Holders of carnets are permitted to make in advance customs arrangements at predetermined prices and utilize the carnet on multiple journeys during its 12-month validity. The cost of this service is Dh900 for members of the Dubai Chamber and Dh1800 for non-members; applications for this service can be made on the Dubai Chamber website and typically take one business day to process.

Certificate of Origin: Exports’ country of origin:
An official certificate of origin is used to identify the country of origin of goods exported or reexported from the United Arab Emirates. As it includes the fundamental information on trade shipments and an elaborate invoice is attached, it is a crucial document that makes it possible to recognize the origin of the items in order to estimate customs taxes. Members of the Dubai Chamber of Commerce may apply for this service.

These certifications can be ordered through the website and mobile app of the Dubai Chamber for a service fee of Dh100; processing time is typically 6 minutes.

Dubai Chamber of Industry and Commerce
Dubai Chamber of Industry and Commerce

Attestation: Authorization and verification of documents:
Document attestation in Dubai is frequently a time-consuming, laborious, and expensive process. With the help of the Dubai Chamber’s attestation services for businesses, these processes are made simpler by making it simple for its members’ documents, correspondence, and contracts to be accepted by the appropriate authorities.

In addition to providing a correct copy of the original attested document, which must be signed by an authorized signatory, the Chamber can also attest signatures and stamps.

Service Charge: Dh100; an attestation application and the necessary paperwork should be filed via the Chamber’s website or mobile app. The service, which is intended for members of the Dubai Chamber, typically takes six minutes to complete.

Credit Rating: Validated business status:
When attempting to build a partnership or conduct business with a potential partner throughout the world, credit rating services offer business information reports on local or international companies and are recognized as an effective instrument in reducing business risk and assisting in smart business decision making.

Along with details about business operations and financial status, the report also includes the interest company’s credit rating. Many different kinds of businesses in Dubai, both members and non-members of the Dubai Chamber, frequently use this service.

Service Fee: Dh610 for Middle Eastern company reports, Dh295 for European company reports, and Dh575 for company reports outside of these regions

After requesting the service, you may anticipate receiving the report for Middle Eastern businesses within 5 working days and for businesses outside the region within 12 days.

Effective dispute resolution using mediation:

If at least one of the opposing parties is a member of the Dubai Chamber, mediation is one of the most efficient ways to settle business conflicts amicably. Mediation is rapid, private, and economical. It allows parties the most control over the mediation’s conclusion and is a great way to maintain commercial relationships.

It is crucial to remember that throughout the mediation process, issues should only concern businesses and should not be subject to arbitration or judicial scrutiny.

Service charge: Dh1000 for non-members and Dh500 for members of the Dubai Chamber. Companies should contact the Dubai Chamber through the relevant channels to begin this process, complete the application form, and submit any supporting documentation. Dubai Chamber will get in touch with the parties involved to find an appropriate resolution. (GN).

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