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Belgium Schengen Visa and Requirements

Belgium Schengen Visa

Belgium’s government joined the European Union’s borderless zone when it ratified the Schengen Agreement. With today’s short-stay admission to Belgium, one can also go to the other Schengen members, which now comprises a large portion of Europe.

Who is eligible to enter Belgium without a Schengen visa?

Due to the Schengen zone’s standard practices for issuing visas, if you plan to enter Belgium, you must apply for a visa if you are:

  • A person from a third country with which the EU has not yet negotiated a visa liberalization agreement
  • You were denied entry into Belgium or any other Schengen country without a visa because you are a citizen of a third country that has an agreement with the Schengen states regarding the easing of visa requirements.

What kind of visa is required for entry into Belgium?

You must apply for a Schengen Visa to Belgium if you want to travel there for a brief period of time. You can apply for one of the following sorts of Schengen visas depending on why you’re visiting Belgium:

  • If you need to transit via a Belgian airport to get to a country outside the Schengen Area, you will require a Belgium airport transit visa.
  • The Belgium Tourist/Visitor Visa is for travelers who want to spend a holiday there or who plan to travel and explore while they’re there. Additionally, people from other nations who want to travel to Belgium to see relatives or friends who live there.
  • The Belgium Business Visa was created for businesspeople who want or need to take part in business-related activities in Belgium.
  • For delegations traveling to Belgium on official business, a visa is required.
  • Belgium Patients who need to receive medical care in one of Belgium’s hospitals or clinics must obtain a visa for medical reasons.
  • For those who want to study for up to three months at a Belgian educational institution, there is the Belgium Visa for Study Purposes.
  • Belgium People who desire to attend a cultural or sporting event held in Belgium must apply for a Visa for Cultural, Sports, and Film Crews.

You might not be admitted to Belgium even if you have a valid visa. Before the Belgian border official lets you into the nation, there are specific entrance conditions that you must meet.

Documents Necessary to Apply for a Belgium Schengen Visa

The following paperwork must be delivered to the Belgian embassy or consulate in order to apply for a short-term Belgium visa, per Belgian visa regulations:

  1. Visa application for Belgium. Finalized, printed, and signed in full.
  2. The same two images. The photos must be shot in accordance with the Belgium visa photograph standards and regulations, and they cannot be more than three months old.
  3. Your ID card. To be able to attach the Belgium visa sticker, it must have at least two blank pages. Before applying, make sure your passport is still valid because it needs to be for at least 3 months after the date you leave Belgium (Schengen territory). Additionally, it must not be more than ten years old.
  4. Copies of any prior visas you may have had.
  5. Form for Language Preference. You have the option to request that your application be processed in either French, German, or Dutch, one of Belgium’s three official languages. Please select “no preference” if, on the other hand, you decide to complete the application in English.
  6. A covering letter. In this letter, you discuss your desire to travel to Belgium and provide more information about your itinerary.
  7. Route of a round-trip flight. including the flight numbers and dates indicating entry and exit from Belgium (Schengen region).
  8. Evidence of accommodations. a statement detailing your accommodations in Belgium. Specifically, a hotel reservation for the entire expected stay in Belgium.
  9. Proof of citizenship. This could be a marriage license, a child’s birth certificate, a spouse’s death certificate, etc.
  10. Evidence of enough financial resources for the duration of the stay in Belgium. The Belgian Immigration Office states that a traveler must certify having €95 per day if staying in a hotel and €45 if choosing a less expensive form of lodging.
  11. Travel Insurance for Schengen. You must provide proof that you have travel insurance for Belgium and the entire Schengen region, with a minimum of €30,000 in coverage for medical emergencies and death-related repatriation.

Visa Requirements for Belgium Depending on Your Employment Situation

You must also give the embassy or consulate documentation demonstrating that you meet Belgium visa criteria based on your employment status:

If employed:

  • Employment agreement
  • The most recent six months’ worth of bank statements.
  • Employer approval for time off
  • Form ITR (Income Tax Return) or CIT (Certificate of Income Tax Deducted at Source)

If self-employed:

  • Your company license on paper
  • Recent six-month company bank statement
  • Return of Income (ITR)

If Student:

  • Evidence of enrollment
  • A letter of approval from a school or university
  • Advertisements

Belgium Visa Requirements for Children

The following additional Belgium visa requirements apply to minors planning a quick trip there:

  1. The minor’s birth certificate before leaving for Belgium
  2. Both parents have signed the Belgium application form.
  3. If just one parent has sole custody of the kid, a family court order may be necessary.
  4. Certified copies of both parents’ IDs or passports.
  5. If the minor is traveling alone, a parental travel authorisation to Belgium that has been notarized and is signed by both parents or guardians is required.

Documents needed to obtain a business Schengen visa for Belgium

When requesting a Belgium business visa, you must also provide the extra paperwork listed below, which applies to your situation:

  1. Letter of invitation from the Belgian company you will be visiting, together with the company’s contact information and address, and the dates of your visit.
  2. A letter from your employer certifying. You should explain in this letter why you’re going to Belgium and confirm that your employer is okay with you taking time off at that time.
  3. Bank statement for a business. ideally for the previous six months.
  4. Association’s Memorandum and Articles. The original certified copy (registered with joint-stock companies) must be presented.
  5. Trade License (originally granted and currently renewed).

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