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A complete guide to Kazakhstan visa application

A complete guide to Kazakhstan visa application

Is a Visa Required for Travel to Kazakhstan?

Unless you are from one of the nations exempt from visa requirements, such as the United States, all EU member states, and other so-called “migrationally secure” nations, you must have a visa to enter Kazakhstan.

Visa-Exempt Countries for Kazakhstan

Visa-free travel is permitted for up to 90 days within a 180-day period for nationals of the following nations:

  • Armenia
  • Azerbaijan
  • Belarus
  • Georgia
  • Kyrgyzstan
  • Moldova
  • Mongolia
  • Russia
  • Ukraine

Citizens of the countries that do not need a visa for up to 30 days within 180-day period:

  • United Arab Emirates
  • Argentina
  • Brazil
  • Ecuador
  • Serbia
  • South Korea
  • Tajikistan
  • Turkey
  • Uzbekistan

Kazakhstan visa categories

Kazakhstan visas are available in the following categories and are issued for single or multiple entries:

  • Visa for travel to Kazakhstan. issued to travelers who are doing so for leisure and/or tourism.
  • Kazakhstan Enterprise visa. issued to foreign nationals going on business trips for events like conferences and meetings.
  • Investor visas for Kazakhstan. a document given to foreign nationals in charge of any investment-related operations in Kazakhstan.
  • Student Visa for Kazakhstan. issued to visitors from outside Kazakhstan who would participate in training or an internship there.
  • Foreign nationals traveling to Kazakhstan for business, for self-employment in a lucrative field, or as seasonal employees are granted a work visa.
  • Visa for family reunification in Kazakhstan. issued to foreign relatives of Kazakh nationals or those who are country’s long-term residents.
  • Visa for Kazakhstani medical treatment. issued to foreign nationals seeking medical care in a medical facility in Kazakhstan.

Online Kazakhstan visa application

You can apply for a Kazakhstan visa online at the Visa-Migration Portal (here) if you are from one of the qualified nations listed below:

  • Sign up for a Visa Migration Account
  • Enter the invitation number that was provided to you by your sponsor. Your sponsor might be a Kazakh citizen, a tour operator, a business or organization, or a hospital. They must use the same gateway to request an invitation.
  • The Kazakhstan visa application form must be finished.
  • Make the visa payment. You must pay the USD 80 fee for the Kazakhstan eVisa with a credit or debit card.
  • Watch for the processing of the visa application. You’ll get a confirmation email.
  • Print the visa for Kazakhstan.
  • Traveling? Take it with you.
A complete guide to Kazakhstan visa application
A complete guide to Kazakhstan visa application

Applying for a visa to Kazakhstan at a consulate

If you aren’t qualified for an online visa, you must obtain a Kazakhstan visa at a consulate or embassy. The Embassy’s visa application procedure consists of two steps:

  1. The Kazakhstani Ministry of Internal Affairs receives an application from your sponsor for a Letter of Invitation. A private individual, travel firm, or business or organization in Kazakhstan can serve as the sponsor. The Letter of Invitation will be issued by the MFA once.
  2. At the Kazakhstani Embassy or Consulate in your nation, you must apply for a visa. Here is a list of Kazakhstan’s diplomatic outposts.

Visa Requirements: Kazakhstan

The following documents must be submitted in order to apply for a visa to Kazakhstan:

  • An active passport. Make sure it has at least two blank pages and that it will be good for at least an additional three months after the visa expires.
  • Visa Application for Kazakhstan. The Kazakh Visa-Migration Portal’s website has a download link for the form.
  • A current photograph with a white background and measurements of 3.5 x 4.5
  • The Invitation’s number and date, as registered by your sponsor with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kazakhstan. You should get this from your sponsor.
  • Evidence that you have paid the visa fee
  • Any further paperwork outlining the reason for your trip.

Duration and Cost of Kazakhstan Visa

The length of a Kazakhstan visa, which varies depending on whether it is a single-entry or multiple-entry visa:

  • 30 days is the most you can remain in Kazakhstan with a single entry.
  • Multiple entries: Each entry may have a maximum of 30 days within the 90-day window.
  • The price of a Kazakhstan visa varies according to the visa’s category and length. The cost of a tourist visa is about USD 80.

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